Saturday, 27 September 2014

Top 3 tips for an improved typing experience - part 2

Continuing my top 3 ideas for improving typing comfort and effectiveness, here is my next useful tip.

There are many computer users out there who have decided that the CapsLock key is a waste of a perfectly good key position. It's situated within easy reach of the left pinky on the home row, but for most typists, is rarely used.

Some folks have remapped their CapsLock key to some other function, such as an extra Control or Shift key. The Colemak keyboard layout, which I have recently started to use, remaps it to an extra Backspace key by default. These ideas are all excellent suggestions, but I have started to use a new setup, which I have found to be better still...

Tip #2 - Set up a navigation layer via the CapsLock key.

This idea is similar to and inspired by DreymaR's Extend Layer, but this version is implemented entirely using AutoHotkey.
Holding down CapsLock makes available editor functions.

By holding down CapsLock while pressing other keys, a new layer becomes available, much like my previously mentioned AltGr setup. The difference is the CapsLock layer provides navigation features such as arrow keys, home, end, page up/down, backspace/delete - all without the need to move your hands away from the home position on the keyboard. The navigation keys are situated in a similar layout to the usual configuration of the arrow keys, making it easy to learn and natural to use.

It also defines accessible additional shift and control within the layer to allow easy selection and editing of text. For example, Ctrl-Left (back one word) can be typed using only centre-row keys. For additional ease-of-use, common control-shortcuts such as copy, cut, paste, and undo are duplicated in this layer.
And of course, for those occasions where you do genuinely need to type a lot of capital letters, you needn't completely lose the Caps function, as it has been remapped to AltGr+CapsLock.

The real benefit to this configuration is, once you have adapted to it, that it allows very fast and efficient editing operations regardless of the editor software being used. It avoids the need to switch the right hand between the home position and the arrow key block, resulting in less movement and a more comfortable experience for the right hand.

To try it out for yourself, download the CapsLayer AHK script.

Next up: Tip #3...

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