Friday, 9 September 2011

What's this all about?

I am long-time programmer who started experimenting with the Java language in the late 1990s when the latest JDK version was only 1.1. In those days I created a number of simple browser-based applet games which I then put on my website,

After that, my main focus shifted to what became the mainstay of Java development, server-side web applications. However, In late 2009, with Android set to become the next big hit in the mobile device world, I decided to dust off these applets with a view further developing and converting them to Android.

I now have over 10 apps released on Android Market with the degree of success varying markedly (Downloads ranging from around a thousand to several hundred thousands). I decided it was time write some notes on my experiences, and in particular, on these topics:

- The current state and future of Android development
- Using in-app advertising services to generate income
- Converting Java applications/applets to Android
- Programming for the web
- Anything else that comes to mind

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